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Tokyo-Hot n1117 Makoto Hirose AV Adult Online Innocent Girl Demeaning Play


uploaded Sep 14th, 2017



Sep 14th, 2017




Makoto Hirose


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Tokyo Hot


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Japanese Cute killer daughter · Makoto Hirose who suits well for sailor uniforms. She is a quiet pretty girl and she is a gentle personality. Just suddenly caught kidnapping but only being frightened without resistance. It was all I could do to endure it with teary eyes. The Mikoto which was spoiled by the cuddly men was exposed to the urination to the fate that was blown to the tide. With little experience only little tolerance to toy is almost eliminated in a short time many times. And at the end of consecutive crawling, the reactor man fertilizes. I am very excited about the miserable appearance that a beginner girl falls into a slave toilet. Makoto restrained both hands with a collar can not move. I beg you that I want you to return home as frightened, naturally you will not be heard. After forcibly deep kiss, the uniform and bra is turned and enforced dummy licking. The ass flesh is also licked and it is sucked from my socks and my toes are licked. Also pay attention to the face that felt uncomfortable. Then forced cunni with open leg pose. Immediately afterwards you are forced to masturbate wearing pants in the reactor system. And manzli from above the pants. I was compelled to talk a lot of misunderstandings. Subsequently inserted the dildo in the vagina to pass through. I feel it intensely. Immediately afterwards fingers are squirting. It is a must see super - close - up image of squirt. Subsequently, both nipples are pinched by clips and the chest is blamed for rotor. Immediately afterwards three rotors are pushed into the vagina at the same time and forced the vagina in the dildo forced piston. Pussy is completely null null. Subsequently I was agitated violently with a vibe and fainted. It drips while clouding manly juice. And I was pushed into the chest and I was good and it was acme again. Then Cusco is thrown in. The uterine mouth which has become reddish by congestion is overdone. Immediately after spreading the pussy with your fingers pissed. To the contrary to the quiet appearance the big excretion sound and the sound splashing to the floor are shocking. And after six years blowjob Six nine. It is inserted in the back while sucking the cock. I was frenzied violently and fainted. Man farted repeatedly just before the posture changed. Woman on top posture. Side position. Flexion position. Standing back. In the following side, I feel like I'm fingering chest by myself while being fucked. Continue pant ballooning at the flexion position. Even refusing to go out vaginal cum shot, I will be forced to vaginal cum shot without mercy. Immediately after cleaning the blowjob. Immediately the second one is screwed in the woman on top posture. And semen compulsion injection at sitting position. The third one after the cleaning blowjob is vaginal cum shot at the normal position. Immediately the 4th is posted in the back. You refuse to vaginal cum shot, but you are also injecting semen. Tearful eyes full of aggressive vaginal cum shot. But it is not over yet. The cock is pierced one after the other with an open leg pose and forced to ejaculate in the vagina. Total 10 pregnancies inevitable. I was wearing pants after work and crawled all fours. It is miserable. Even after this, Makoto continues to be caught in a female breeding hut and kept cum shot. Life that can finally get food by exposing pussy and urination. Shame and humiliation have completely disappeared. It is a woman who has no idea that the woman's value is less than a cynic.

セーラー服がよく似合うキュートな炉利娘・広瀬真琴。清純美少女でおとなしい性格です。いきなり拉致監禁されても抵抗出来ずに怯えるのみ。涙目で耐えるだけで精一杯でした。キモい男達に散々弄くられた真琴は潮まで吹かされた挙句に立小便まで晒される始末。経験少なめだけに玩具への耐性もほとんど無く短時間で何度もイカされます。そして連続中出しの果てに炉利マンが受精。初心娘が奴隷便器へと落ちる悲惨な様子に大興奮です。  首輪を付けられて両手を拘束された真琴は身動き出来ない状態。怯えながら家に帰して欲しいと懇願するも当然聞き入れてもらえず。無理矢理のディープキスの後で制服とブラを捲られ強制乳首舐め。尻の肉も舐められまくった後靴下の上から足指を舐められる。気持ち悪さで引きつった顔にも注目。  続いて開脚ポーズで強制クンニ。直後炉利系のパンツを履かされてオナニーを強制される。そしてパンツの上からマンズリ。強要されて淫語も連発。続いて渡されたディルドを膣内に挿入してズボズボ。激しく感じている。  直後指マンされて潮吹き。噴出の超接写映像は必見だ。続いて両乳首をクリップで挟まれクリをローター責めされる。直後膣内にローターを3個同時に押し込まれてさらにディルドで膣内を強制ピストン。マンコはすっかりヌルヌルに。  続いてバイブで激しく掻き回されて悶絶。白濁マン汁を垂らしながらイッてしまう。そしてクリに電マを押し付けられ善がりまくりまたアクメ。続いてクスコを放り込まれる。充血して真っ赤になった子宮口がやらし過ぎ。直後指でマンコを広げて立小便。おとなしめの外見とは裏腹に大きい排泄音と床に飛び散る音は衝撃的。  そして仁王立ちフェラの後でシックスナイン。チンポをしゃぶっている最中にバックで挿入される。激しく掻き回されて悶絶。体位が変わる直前にマン屁を連発。騎乗位。側位。屈曲位。立ちバック。続く側位ではハメられながら自分でクリを弄くり感じまくる。  屈曲位でピストンされ続け喘ぎまくり。中出しを拒むも容赦無く生中出しを強行される。直後お掃除フェラ。直ぐに2本目を騎乗位で捩じ込まれる。そして座位でザーメン強制注入。お掃除フェラの後3本目が正常位で生中出し。直ぐに4本目がバックでズブリ。中出しを拒むも無理矢理ザーメンを注入される。  強引な中出しの連続ですっかり涙目に。しかしまだ終わらない。開脚ポーズで次々とチンポを刺し込まれて膣内射精を強行される。妊娠必至の合計10発。事後パンツを履かされ四つん這いで這わされる。悲惨だ。  この後も真琴は女体飼育小屋に監禁され中出しされ続ける日々。マンコ提供や排尿姿を晒す事でやっと餌をもらえる生活。羞恥心や屈辱感はすっかり消滅。女体価値がチンカス以下のどうしようもない女に成り下がってしまった。

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