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Prestige Premium 300MAAN-305 Yu 22 years old Freeter SEX research student


uploaded Nov 7th, 2018



Nov 7th, 2018






Amateur, Asian, Beautiful Girl, Blowjobs, Censored, Cowgirl, Cumshot, Deep Throating, Doggy Style, Finger Fuck, Handjob, Shaved, Squirting




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This project is a plan that the [female director Yuko] gently listens to the troubles of the women going to the town and then solve them with erotic ◆ It is not possible to reveal to opposite sex in the car of the car "LOVE Wagon" Troubles and even hidden sexual desires are pulled out, and my body and mind are made to be hakodaka! It is also hunting in Shibuya this time as before. Because it is a cute child Mecca, I think that it is a casual victory, rain of rain! There are many people, but there are no people stopping and listening to stories. I jumped into the eyes of Yuko who I was thinking about whether I should get out or not was a figure of a beautiful woman standing all by herself in a crowd that was busy going around. This kid may be listening to stories! As I approached it, I'm quite tough, so I'm totally locked on as this target! "Is it a meeting in such a rainy situation?" "It seems, but it seems that it will be behind in about 30 minutes" It seems pretty pretty. Whether you miss this chance or not, "I'm doing a worry-free program, but if you have time I can not spare no more than half an hour?" I negotiated and said, "I just got back in time, so it was good to the contrary" To do it! ! It is WinWin relationship with each other and it's going to be tough until the end got on the LOVE WAGON ♪ Here is the interview start in the car from here 【memoranda of the director Yuko】 ① Yu's (22) 's trouble is " What is it?

この企画は【女流監督ゆる子】が街行く女性たちのお悩みをゆるっと聞き出し、そしてエロを以って解決しちゃおうという企画です◆愛車“LOVEワゴン”の車内で異性には明かせない悩み、そして隠された性欲までもを引き出し、身も心もハダカにしていきます!今回も前回同様渋谷でハンティングです。可愛い子のメッカなので楽勝かと思いきや、まさかの雨!人は多いけど、立ち止まって話を聞いてくれる人など皆無。出直すかどうか考えていたゆる子の目に飛び込んできたのは忙しなく行き交う群集の中にあって、ひとり立ち尽くしている美女の姿でした。この子なら話聞いてくれるかも!と思い近づくと、めっちゃ激カワで完全に今回のターゲットとしてロックオン!「こんな雨の中待ち合わせですか?」「そうなんですけど、あと30分くらい遅れるみたいで」と結構プリプリしてる様子。こんなチャンス逃すまいと「お悩み解決番組やってるんですけど、お暇なら30分だけお時間頂けませんか?」と交渉してみると「ちょうど時間空いたので逆に良かったです」と乗車してくれる事に!!お互いWinWinな関係で最後までイッちゃいましょーって事でgot on the LOVE WAGON♪ここから車内でインタビュースタートです【監督ゆる子の備忘録】①ゆあちゃん(22)のお悩みは『SEXとは一体何なのか?

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