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Luxury TV 259LUXU-462 Yamashita Miori 31 years old esthetic salon management


uploaded Nov 7th, 2018



Nov 7th, 2018




Yamashita Miori


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Luxury TV


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Although I have pursued aesthetic beauty throughout the esthetic industry, during this time, at the dinner party of female, the secret of beauty was raised with the story that female hormone = sex. The dinners were all those who had established a lifestyle as a woman independently and were all those who enjoyed sex life. I do not regard it as embarrassing, being spoken confidently and I wonder how inexperienced I am as a child! I felt ashamed. I had heard somehow how to squirt, how toy, how I did not think that everyone was actually doing it. Although I have never seen AV, I studied about the squirting, and when I looked at the movie a bit, I thought that I wanted to be comfortable with such a very ethere somehow. I admired that I was ashamed because it was a nice adult I did not know anything. Shooting was quite nervous. I was full of strangers and said obediently that I would like to do a squirting first. At first I was given a vibrating pink plastic toy. Next is a gray big bubble machine that hits the shoulder. And next time I tried my dick like the vibes shaped like a male dick like not knowing whether to enter or not. I was stimulated inside and out by putting a vibe, and I went out while taking it in myself. After being played with toys, a man appeared, and when stimulated with the fingers, the tide blew up to Pyu Pyu about 2 meters. I was surprised to see that it would be so easy to come out. Even if I think that it will not come already, it will go on steadily irrespective of my will. After that, when an actor 's hot array was inserted, the pleasant feeling pushed as far as never before, the nature and the voice grew bigger and it became quite disturbed. When I saw the mirror at a later date, I felt good skin gloss somehow. I think that the female hormone increases and connects beautifully is not wrong.


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