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Luxury TV 259LUXU-1085 Luxurious TV 1070 beautiful fashion designer, again. Beauty style filled with oil


uploaded Mar 8th, 2019



Mar 8th, 2019






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Luxury TV


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Aya Ito, who will be appearing for the second time, is 24 years old. Occupation has continued as a fashion designer as before, and the goodness of proportion called original model is still alive and beautiful as ever. And it seems that you have a serious and old-fashioned way of thinking that "sex has been making relationships again" as well .... There was also a change from the appearance. That's "I knew the real feeling of sex" Actually Mr. Aya resumes with my boyfriend who broke up two years ago in the period from the previous shooting until now, and furthermore the body was piled up. However, "There is something insufficient ..." and the desire is not satisfied, "I want to taste the feeling of that time ..." That was that I applied for this shoot again. It is also one of the changes that the style that was originally passive to sex became to think "I would like to positively make a person feel good". In this work, there is also a scene where Aya who cooked oil all over the body squeezed the actor's flesh stick with hands, and topple opponent with nipple torture. Of course, you can enjoy scenes leaving your body as it is instinctively and enjoying foreplay, such as scenes hanging love juice repeatedly from behind and pleasantly pleasing scenes, never going to the table on a daily basis, enjoying a nasty and obscene aya Well, it is one of the charms of this work. You will surely be attracted to the nasty appearance of a beautiful fashion designer who has increased its sex appeal than before.


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Fashion Designer Proportion Called Original Beautiful As Fashioned Relationships




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