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ExploitedCollegeGirls Maddi


uploaded Mar 1st, 2019



Mar 1st, 2019






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Our newest “scatter brained” ExCoGi starlet Maddi surprisingly has not had sex in over 5 months!!! Don’t you know you could go blind not having sex on a regular basis! Well we took care of this sex-starved girl from the moment she walked into the hotel room by playing with her pussy and making her give a blow job in the bathroom even before finishing her makeup. I do have to admit there is a certain cute/coyness about this girl. She stated she was worried about brushing her teeth and having fresh breath before starting her first sex scene. Honey no ones going to care about that when your getting your sweet little pussy pounded all the way to pound town. I wouldn’t say Maddi is the smartest girl either to grace our sheets, what girl doing porn is smart LOL, but she does know how to follow directions as we guided her on her way to slutsville. The whole time we were interviewing this girl I was trying to imagine what was going on in this girl’s head because we got the “deer in the headlights” look more than a few times. There is just something about his girl that says: “you can do whatever you want to me today”, and we did! Maddi was super excited to get fucked on camera for the first time and we are excited to show her getting fucked for the first time on camera. Watch this little slut have orgasm after orgasm in almost every position Cam fucks her in. This was a great shoot and we hope you enjoy jacking or jilling off to it! Enjoy, Steve

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Scatter Brained Surprisingly Sex-starved Coyness Pounded Little Pussy




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