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1Pondo 022511_037 Jav Free Karin Yazawa She 4 best friend


uploaded May 13th, 2019



May 13th, 2019




Karin Yazawa


Asian, Beautiful Girl, Blowjobs, Cowgirl, Creampie, Deep Throating, Doggy Style, Finger Fuck, Handjob, Uncensored




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The ultimate netorare story "She of a best friend" where jealousy and a sense of immorality are intertwined intricately! When she is shaken by her and is depressed, she is called to comfort her as her childhood friend, my best friend, Karin. When I got drunk, I got drunk, and when I had her cared for a place that got drunk, it was shaken and I was able to look at her well-being caressed for being burnt, and it looked like it was pretty. Muramura and ... At last I got drunk and opened the forbidden door and Karin's legs in a semi-forceful way. "What's it going on? No!" She who was initially resisting, is either an idea or is it comfortable? While saying no in the mouth, no good, the nipple is broken in the bin bin, and the dirty stain in the pants. Ascending as it is while raising a cute voice when I turn around the addicted Dekatorisu plumply. I guess the body is not honest. Childhood friend, and Karin who is also her best friend at the same time is the climax of my tech. Gingin's confusing me (self-named) is pierced in Karin's throat, and finally ..... "Don't put out while in it!" "Ah, I feel so good !!" Which is it! I'm sorry! Well, leave! In my heart, I've got a single word "I'm putting it in ... I'm an idiot." But the expression seems to be uneven. Himiko, I think this is going to be a habit.

羨ましさと背徳感が複雑に絡み合う究極ネトラレストーリー「親友の彼女」! 彼女に振られて落ち込んでいる時に、幼馴染でもある親友の彼女・かりんを呼びだして慰めてもらうことに。 ヤケになって飲みまくり、ベロベロに酔っ払ってしまったところを彼女に介抱してもらっていると、振られてヤケになったのと健気に介抱してくれるかりんが可愛く見えてきたのとで、ついムラムラと・・・。とうとう酔った勢いで半ば強引に禁断の扉とかりんの脚を開いてしまう。 「ちょっとなにやってんの!ダメだよ!」最初は抵抗していた彼女も、観念したのか、それとも気持ちよくなっちまったのか、だんだんと無抵抗に。口ではダメ、ダメと言いながら、乳首はビンビンにおっ勃ち、パンツにはいやらしいシミが。 ぷっくりと充血したデカトリスを弄り回すと可愛い声をあげながらあっさり昇天。なんだよ、体は素直じゃねーかよ。幼馴染、そして同時に親友の彼女でもあるかりんがオレのテクで絶頂・・・もう止めらんねーよ!ギンギンになっちまったオレのデカマラ(自称)をかりんの喉に突き挿し、そして遂に・・・びっしょりと濡れたビラビラを掻き分けズームイン!「中には出さないでぇー!」「あぁー、気持ちイイー!!」どっちだよ!わけわかんねーよ!えぇーいっ、ままよ!どっぷりと中で果てたオレにかりんが一言「中で出しちゃって・・・バカ」。 でも表情はまんざらでもなさそうだ。嗚呼、なんかこれ・・・クセになりそうだよ。

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