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1Pondo 012911_019 Meri Kanami Imadoki's 78cm tiny girl is super sensitive


uploaded May 13th, 2019



May 13th, 2019




Meri Kanami


Asian, Beautiful Girl, Blowjobs, Cowgirl, Creampie, Deep Throating, Doggy Style, Finger Fuck, Handjob, Masturbation, Uncensored




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A long time ago, an erotic philosopher said, "Beautifully prepared small tits are richer than wasted bloated big tits." And one famous mechanic shouted, "Tits are decorations. Great people don't know that!" Small tits, that is the universe in the palm of your hand. Small breasts, that is the horizon that goes far. Small milk, it is a single flower swaying between no milk and normal milk. Small tits, magical words that sound like "Beautiful milk". Small tits, it is given by God to fight against the absolute power "Big Tits" that is transmitted to the world, Lethal Weapon! here we go! Now that you fully understand the appeal of small tits, let's take a look! The insatiable silliness of an all time slender beauty, Kanami sprout-chan, who carries a 78cm sensitive beauty small tits! Wet the pussy in the dildo that was freshly on the floor (commonly called: dildo everywhere) and leak the sore throat to the sore throat Irama! In furious restraint insult fuck, it screams while shaking the whole body to the continuance of Acme approaching one after another! convulsions! Man juice! Scream! ! It is sensitive because it is small! Whole body this sexual feeling zone! My heart is tiny, my dream is huge! "What happens if this milk is good? Don't be afraid If it's dangerous, there will be no milk If you don't get lost I can tell if I can do it!"

その昔、あるエロい哲学者はこう言った「美しく整った微乳は、無駄に肥大化した巨乳よりも豊かであーる」。そして、ある有名なメカニックはこう叫んだ「おっぱいなんて飾りです。偉い人にはそれがわからんのですよ!」。微乳、それは掌の中の宇宙。微乳、それは遥かなる地平線。微乳、それは無乳と普乳の狭間で儚く揺れる一輪の花。微乳、あわよくば『美乳』に聞こえる魔法の言葉。微乳、それは世にはびこる絶対権力『巨乳』に対抗すべく神が与えしリーサルウェポン!さあ!微乳の魅力を十二分に理解したところで、イってみましょう本日の一本!78cm敏感美微乳を携えた絶世のスレンダー美女・かなみ芽梨ちゃんの飽くなき痴態!床におったてたディルド(通称:どこでもディルド)にマンコを濡らし、喉姦イラマに嗚咽を漏らす!激烈拘束陵辱ファックでは、次々と迫り来るアクメの連続に全身を震わせながら、絶叫!痙攣!マン汁!絶叫!!小さいからこそ敏感!全身これ性感帯!胸はちっちゃく、夢はでっかく!「この乳でイけばどうなるものか 危ぶむなかれ 危ぶめば乳はなし 迷わずイけよ イけばわかるさ」!

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